Buying a Road Bike: Three Factors to Consider

While the decision to buy a road bike cannot be ranked at the same level as, say, a decision to get married, it is still a critical decision that needs some thought. Moreover, if it is your first time buying a road bike, the options in the market will probably seem endless; hence choosing the best bike for you will not be an easy task. Here are the top three factors to consider before buying your road bike.

Consider Your Budget

You need to consider the amount of money you are willing to spend on the bike. Prices of a good bike start from £250 upwards, how much have you allocated for its purchase? Generally, the more expensive you buy a road bike, the better specified it will be. While with about £300 to £500, you get a great choice of bikes, with roughly £600 to £1000, you are ushered into the territory of really capable bikes.

Do Enough Research

Now, with your budget at hand, go ahead and do research about the different makes of bikes available, the best manufactures, the main reason you need the road bike; touring, event training, improving fitness, or road racing, among other factors. Bikes from quality brands such as Scott roads bikes at are an investment just like other investment, and you should spend enough time on research before purchasing one.

The Frame Materials

The frame of your road bike forms its heart. The larger percent of your budget goes to the frame. The most common materials that make road bike frames include titanium, carbon fibre, and aluminium. However, among the three, aluminium is the most common, and it costs less than £1000. So, study the pros and cons of the common materials that make road bikes, and decide on the best one for you based upon the main function of your bike.

Thus, these are the top three factors to consider when buying your road bike. However, there are many other factors which also need consideration before buying a bike. These include taking a ride to test, selecting the right bike size, choosing the gears of your choice, among other factors.